Teaching Philosophy

Music education is a subject that is often glossed over in the United States. I feel as a cellist it is my job to show my students the beauty and necessity of learning to play a musical instrument.

I believe learning to play a musical instrument teaches my students life skills that will carry them through their lives. Music study develops time management skills, concentration, evaluation and organization. I hope to leave my students with not only a love of music, but an ability to organize their lives for years to come. I have often told students that I am teaching them how to pay their rent on time!

I am Suzuki certified and I grew up a Suzuki kid, and I know that many people believe that the Suzuki method does not teach students to read music. This is NOT my philosophy, I believe music reading begins on the first day.

Finally I try to evaluate every student of every age, where they are emotionally and where they want to go to create a path of learning that fits into who they are. Each student comes with their own skills, abilities and places they need to grow in, and I approach each student from where they are.

I want every student to enjoy playing the cello, but I also want them to know that progress is born out of consistency and determination. Sometimes this is not fun, but in the end they will see the rewards that come from hard work and consistent practice.